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ProgV is one of my favorite mech artists and I really love this heavy-set hexapod he created

640x517_5752_Unmanned_Land_Biped_2d_sketchbook_robot_mech_sci_fi_picture_image_digital_art.jpg (640×517)

Eliott Lilly Concept Art - This concept would make a good starting point for exploring how a bipedal combat drone might look. For example something like this might fit a heavy support role.


koryface on cghub. Keywords: spaceship art hover speeder floating bike craft design by professional concept artist kory hubbell carbin.


Sentry bot concept in tyrant's dungeon or bounty hunter fortress (still a mech by ProgV on deviantART)

W11 Boomer | sketchshido | Steve Chinhsuan Wang

Risultati immagini per cylindrical hard surface topology

Insprational pictures of robot, spaceship and some not so human anatomy.

Tool, enemy of the Galaxy, first encountered during the last purge of the AOU, then fought the Elite later on during the last intergalactic war, then against the Elite during the Balisian Exploration period.

grav ship, sci-fi, spaceship,   roosterMAP's art thread - Polycount Forum

Hovercraft conceptual por RoosterMAP's / Concept hoovercraft by RoosterMAP's


Concept Design Academy: "Sci Fi Mech Design" with Khang Le~!

Eddie Del Rio Concept Art and Illustration

Eddie del Rio is a concept artist based in the San Francisco area. He has worked for Lucas Arts, Activision, Disney and THQ;