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This might all be gone tomorrow - Olivia Steele

This might all be gone tomorrow, so treat everything like it's the last time.

Sentimentos presentes...

Sentimentos presentes...

So rude but I wanna say this to you when you don't know how I'm feeling inside haha but I don't want to be in a bad mood again but it's like you are saying this from the bottom of your heart lol hahahaha

Every given Sunday  #nyc #menswear via @mrgaitan

Every given Sunday #nyc #menswear via @mrgaitan

"The universe, as you put it, has certainly gone out of its way to disturb me, so I think it's fair game."

Writing Prompt: The question crossed my mind like a ladybug traversing one's skin; once you notice it, you can't possibly ignore it. So I watched it, scratched at it, and finally--instead of flicking it away to patter into the garden--I caught it.

DBT Core Mindfulness Non-Judgmentally skill has us practice taking hold of our Mind by seeing without putting an evaluation of good or bad, just looking at the facts.  Acknowledging the difference between the helpful and the harmful, the safe and the dangerous, but don't judge them.  Non Judgmentally combined with Distress Tolerance S.T.O.P.  (Stop, Take a step back, Observe what is happening inside and outside yourself, and Proceed Mindfully) skill can decrease emotional reactivity.

Even tho i like this one, u cant NOT judge someone, u need to know whether u like hanging out with them.its like we judge ppl for judging ppl cuz judging ppl is wrong