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Bookshelf: Macrocephalic Off-Model Nancy Paper Doll, Whitman Publishing, 1971


Jill and her trunk full of clothes, US - papercat - Picasa Web Albums * Free paper dolls at Arielle Gabriel's The International Paper Doll Society


Katy Keene Paper Doll 1956 OMG, I had all of her comics & paper dolls * 1500 free paper dolls The International Paper Doll Society Arielle Gabriel artist *

Bonnie a baby paper doll by Karen Hunter page 2

A friend, knowing how much I like Karen Hunter’s work sent be a couple of copies of her work. Karen belongs to one of the round robins I belong to.

Bertha Fashions

Out Of This World: More Cute Girlie Stuff: Katy Keene Paper Doll Reprise : Bertha