Wintery Love

this is what happens when ya make bad ships. YEA Poor ice king ): plz dun kill me Jack Frost From Rise Of Guardians (c) Dreamworks Elsa. Quick Draw: I Support Jack Frost love Elsa LOL

These are literally the BEST Jelsa edits I have ever seen! Very clean and neat, lighting perfected, not a flaw, it looks so real. Whenever I have a bad day, I just look at these. Credit definitely goes to the creator!!!

Jelsa during Spring Elsa and Jack are THE perfect pair not doubt about it

Oh wow.....

Head cannon: Jack and Elsa lived near each other and Elsa froze the ice he and his sister were skating on, but jack fell through, hence the picture.

Jelsa: Is This Love? - Capitulo 14 "Pizza & Bad Concert"

Jelsa: Is This Love? - Capitulo 14 "Pizza & Bad Concert"

Jack Frost + Queen Elsa = Jelsa❤️I wish my husband would do this with me.