"Where the fuck are the gay angels? I was misled about this show."

18 Times Tumblr Proved That "Supernatural" Is The Most Bonkers TV Show Ever

Ya we're all nuts

Supernatural, fandom crazy is finally explained. The last picture of Dean's head on a chicken just killed me!


"Our entire fandom is going to Hell."<<<<we know Lucifer so we should be fine, not that we were that in the first place.


[GIFSET] The Purge - This episode was spectacular. Excellent brotherly angst at the beginning and end and so many funny moments in between.<Dean's face says "why would I flirt with the trainer ,I have a BOYFRIEND"

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Misha on his kids. (This isn't real Misha on his kids. This interviewer was being rude and sick cuz he kept bringing up misha's wife's book on threesomes and wanting to know about that. Misha got fed up and started to answer like this. Go Misha!

Sensitive satan

Sensitive Satan "Did it hurt when you fell from Heaven?" <--- You know you are a SPN fan when you see a post of Satan, you get excited, and yell, "Satan!" And everyone in the house turns to look at you funny.


No Samson did NOT get his power from his hair! He got his power from the Nazarite vow that he took which includes not cutting your hair. The power was given by God not his hair because that would be stupid.

When they built up suspense: | 18 Times The Supernatural Fandom Hilariously Hijacked Tumblr Posts

When they built up suspense:

Scene from Yellow Fever.....actually was just watching this episode like 20 minutes ago... ;-)

I was watching Digimon then this happened and my inner Supernatural fangirl made me scream at the computer.

@liony38 ...And we thought it was funny you sniffed Misha Collins' armpit...

And we thought it was funny you sniffed Misha Collins' armpit. <<I bet misha thought it was hilarious