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There cuties. I love Brads hair. Why did he cut it!?

Since I started reading their book, I've felt so much closer to them, idk like it's just nice finding out more things about them- from the horses mouth.

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Gay Relationships Don’t Last Because….

Tradley cutest thing ever after Shawn duh but still

Read The Project from the story Tradley- Don't take him a way from me by (Addison) with 231 reads.

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10 Estúpidas Razones Por Las Que Odio A Park Chanyeol

AZN Men Only — asianboysloveparadise: Chinese Gay Web Series:.

Hahaha aw I find this adorable and funny at the same time

The names Simpson, Bradley Simpson. The names Evans, Tristan Evans.


Bradley Simpson and Tristan Evans // The Vamps awhh

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The Vamps Will Open CapitalFM's Jingle Bell Ball This Weekend!: Photo The Vamps' Brad Simpson and James McVey get silly outside the ITV Studios in London, England on Wednesday morning (December The guys, who joined band mates…