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The Queen of Mombo by Alex Kirichko on Legadema, the star of the documentary "Eye of the Leopard", Moremi Game Reserve, Botswana.

I lucked out - these humans brought cameras instead of rifles. Cameras are the only way to 'shoot' animals.

Including the fastest mammal, the ability to roar, incredible hunting skills and stunning stripy and spotted coats, the big cats are some of the most recognised and admired species on our planet.

The striking spots of the leopard and the matching eyes make this an enchanting photo.

13 Reminders That Big Cats Are Basically House Cats

if it fits, i sits. A cat is still a cat, no matter the size. if it fits i sits A cat is still a no matter the size

Photograph by Paul Hayes Tiger A female sumatran tiger approaches through the bamboo. This is Puna, and was shot as part of a photography day at the wonderful Big Cat Sanctuary in Kent 0 773 26 1