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Time On Your Hands. S) - I find this sad, I don't wear a watch and don't care for time - except I am never late or keep someone waiting - different!

Time On Your Hands stolen by the time thief.clock print on hand

What is time? What is the beginning of time? Will it end? When? What happened to the past time? Where does it go?

Reflections on Disability, Capitalism, and Time

by Kate Rodrigues

my new photo manipulation. the idea is that art (music, written word etc. Essence of Time

~*~Beauty isn't about having A Pretty Face,It is about having A Pretty Mind,A Pretty Heart,and Most Importantly,A Beauty Soul.~*~Image-Bohemiart.

Credits: Model: Angel: Butterflies:[link](Used with permission) hair flowers: Splatter texture: Sweet Sorrows

La mariposa recuerda que fue oruga

La mariposa recuerda que fue oruga


SNOOPY Quote - Worrying won't stop the bad stuff from happening, it just stops you from enjoying the good