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"Some things you can never leave behind. They don't belong to the past.They belong to you"

Gamophobia is the fear of getting married, being in a relationship, or commitment. I found my diagnosis!!!

lol Take an Aquarian (the sign that has to have freedom).and lock em up for inna house with nothing but abuse. Yea I would say that fear is 10 fold of ever being controlled again. Commitment issues you bet!

“There is a difference between admitting and confessing. Admitting involves softening, making excuses for things that cannot be excused; confessing just names the crimes at its full severity.”

A 'relationship' includes the verb 'reciprocal' in the contract, if there is no reciprocation of your feelings, actions, and intentions then it’s either stalking or victimization, not a relationship.

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Percy Jackson to Rachel Elizabeth Dare. They Almost fell in love. I just think that annabeth and Percy are the most perfect couple ever! Ugh jealously rules me.D rules!

Yes. Remember when...

Psalm 18:2 Why We Suffer

Dr Suess quote- sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory