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Empowering Spirit

Empowering Spirit

☀Wolf: Respect the elders….Teach the young…Cooperate with the pack Play when you can…Hunt when you must…Rest in between Share your affections…Voice your feelings…Leave your mark. This is definitely my spirit animal.

Baby Wolves Napping.

White Wolf : 15 Pictures Show The Cutest Animal On Earth : Baby Wolves


As a trainer, one should train the animals to do before large groups. The simple solution, is not to get a live animal whatsoever, but among the excellent plush toys instead.


It's like Fili and Kili in wolf form!

Wolf pups

Wallpaper and background photos of Wolf puppies! for fans of Wolves images.

Timber wolf pups

Timber wolf pups

Wolf Pup..so cute!!

This wolf pup is one of the cutest wild animals I've ever seen.


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Arctic wolf pups - Imgur

Arctic wolf pups

Arctic wolf pups - Imgur

Incontri ravvicinati. Un bellissimo cucciolo di lupo :)

Incontri ravvicinati. Un bellissimo cucciolo di lupo :)

SongKit- Female- 5 moons-Yes, she is a wolf pup, but she was raised by cats. She dosent even know she is a wolf, she thinks she is a cat. Other cats think she is a cat as well, though only SpeckleShade knows she is a wolf pup! She can purr, but could never find a way to seath and unseathed her claws..- No mate, "kits", or crush- she was taken in by SpeckleShade (me)

Lily Bice, Resider of Falling Snow, Broken Howl, Series of the Wolves

Gray Wolf Pups--Petra Schmidt Photo

7 Steps to Building your Photography Business

A Timber Wolf/Husky Mix Puppy

I am pinning this on 'Wolves', but this is not a wolf. Wolves do NOT have blue eyes. Every wolf you see that has blue eyes is probably a wolf dog hybrid, or good editing.

keep them ...they are so nice

the-smiling-wolf: Wishing you all a beautiful day.