vintage!...* 1500 free paper dolls including Christmas dolls international artist and author Arielle Gabriel's The International Paper Doll Society for my Pinterest paper doll pals *

Vintage Christmas Card, SnowMan and SnowWoman, Hello, Unused

The Messes of Men

Merry Christmas Vintage Christmas Card Vintage Christmas Card christmas cupcakes I'm going to have fun trying to re-create all the awesome w.

A letter for you!

Take a tour of vintage Christmas cards, and gather little-known Christmas trivia to impress your friends at holiday parties. Image courtesy of Have Yourself a Very Vintage Christmas. From the As you know from reading Seasonal Wisdom, we love […]

Vintage Christmas Card Anthropomorphic Candles 2 Cards 1940s 4 Folds | eBay

Vintage Christmas Card Anthropomorphic Candles, 2 Cards, 1940s 4 folds