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So funny how Thor is carrying Loki in the top panel! Lol

So funny how Thor is carrying Loki in the top panel! Lol---not to mention Loki's expression on the last panel

Maybe that is were Uncle Rick the idea of the chapter named, 'Come to the dark side, we have pop-tarts'! Loki still had the pop-tarts'!( Magnus Chase and the gods of ASGARD)

Haha! I love these!! :D <3

funny-cartoon-Loki-Thor-childhood but that is not the most accurate, because in the first pic it seems that thor is older which would be wrong, loki is older even thor grows up to be bigger *obviously* loki is still older

Haha brainwash candy

Captain America: Wintersoldier, This is ridiculously cute for a heart-wrenching film that hurt me

No, all we need is a fire extinguisher, a piece of gum and a diamond

Nope all we need is just enough of us <-- Nope. We just need some gum, a diamond, and a fire extinguisher. Maybe some classical musical to dance with.

It's also the thing he knows will tempt Thor the most into stopping, so it's a subtle jab at him, not necessarily a thought for his happiness

Loki :( punching me in the face would have hurt much less than this <--- I KNOOOOWWWW, RIGHT?<<<Guys, he's just being manipulative so Thor doesn't destroy the Bifrost. Loki wants to use it to destroy Jotunheim.

This was the best thing I've ever read.

Steve Rogers captain America a civil war. They might not be utterly serious but I am my poor child - Visit to grab an amazing super hero shirt now on sale!

Thor and the avengers texting

The interactions between Thor and the other Avengers. Always puts a smile on my face. The next Avengers movie should definitely have a funny scene with this in it. XD I feel like Thor would call him metal man though.