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In December, George Lee will begin selling his Tea Tie mug that lets you tie up your tea bag as it's steeping... *genius*

In December, George Lee will begin selling his Tea Tie mug that lets you tie up your tea bag as it's steeping. Plan to take the kids and make some ceramic gifts. Already had ideas for my coffee mug, this will be great for the tea drinkers in hte family.

Rainbow Saucers

Plain white teacups aren't so boring when the saucers are this cool!

bon idée

colorful teacups with teabag holders. To be honest, I don't know why you'd put your teabag in the pouch unless it was loose tea, but the holes are too big for even large leaf loose tea.

Kubeczek Trójnóg

Coffee cup - unique coffee mug or tea cup white with gold, contemporary ceramic cup handmade by Endesign

Porcelain Head Cup Set

The 34 Best Etsy Shops Right Now

Mug with notches for your tea bag. Pretty elegant. Although I'd likely forget the slots were there and dribble coffee on my shirt.

A handy little tab on this mug keeps your teabag from falling into your cup. Pretty simple solution to an annoying little problem, isn’t it? Just tie your teabag around the tab and it’l…

alice in wonderland mug - Google Search

Alice in Wonderland drink me white coffee mug/teacup - disney mug, cartoon mug, hand painted mug, coffee mug,

Mood Mugs; Horribly Hungover, Cheeky Chappie and Severely Stressed to join Happy as Larry, Monstrously Moody & Seriously Sleepy.

Cute mugs ~ Ha! I'd use the sleepy one first thing in the morning, the angry one for the second cup, then the happy one for the third cup, right before leaving for work.

Hamlet: The picture refers to Horatio’s loyalty towards Hamlet at the end of the play (Act 5, scene 2). Horatio wants to join his friend by taking a drink from the poisoned cup, saying “I am more an antique Roman than a Dane.” He cannot bear to see his friend die. For Horatio, drinking from the poisoned cup and dying along with Hamlet is his antidote for his pain of separation from a friend to whom he remained purely loyal to throughout.

Coffee Mug - Coffee Cup - Poison & Antidote - Gift For Couples