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A blue tit. Winter, Christmas bird feeding ideas, winter bird feed A Blue Tit and a winter feeding idea.

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Christmas Tree for the Birds party: bird feeder cupcakes.even my feathered friends need cake!

Steep slopes and hillsides Grøne

. Preparing Your Garden for Winter #Garden_for_Winter #Top_Garden #Smart_Garden_for_Winter

Bird house Old wood. Snowman bird feeder, such a cute idea. dishes into bird feeder


Seed cups for the birds. Suet, sunflower seeds, cranberries, rope, and a couple Dixie cups.

bird feeder

DIY with kids - outdoor fun when they make their own orange bird feeders! DIY Teacup Hanging Feeders What an amazing bir.

One of my favs! Sweet little one peeking in the barn looking for Prancer...maybe???

this gray barn, red jacketed child would make the nice basis for a watercolor. need to see more or less of the barn

Enlace permanente de imagen incrustada

Enlace permanente de imagen incrustada

Winter Bird Cookies

Winter cookies for the Birds! Coat peanut butter on the fronts and backs of seasonal wooden cutouts bought from a crafts store. Press dried cranberries and seeds, such as niger, sunflowers and mixed birdseed, into the peanut butter and hang

10 easy to make birdseed feeders

Homemade Birdseed Wreath

10 Homemade Birdseed Feeders - A Cultivated Nest


Winter - Love Feeding the Birds

DIY: Fill Dollar store baskets with suet & seed, press firmly. Hang on tree for #winter #bird #feeding

Suet To Go Basket, Set of 3

DIY: Fill Dollar store baskets with suet & seed, press firmly. Hang on tree for winter bird feeding as part of nature study


winter white by the style files moodboard


Fluffy bird ''Slingshot me to Rio'' by photographer Carla Stringari Pudler