Coca Cola and Frog Cake

2010 Animal Cakes Contest - A cake for a friend that loves Coca Cola and Frogs.

frog cake

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frog cake

Cute Homemade 2D Carved Frog Cake

Polar Bear Cake

How do Americans know Christmas is near? The Coca Cola cans have an adorable Coca Cola polar bear on them. All of america can recognize the Coca Cola polar bear and this adorable bear makes an emotional connection when Christmas comes around.

Red Eyed Tree Frog Cake

Red Eyed Tree Frog Cake - Riley would love this

Andy Warhol Coke Bottle Painting | lotandy warhol edit cachedminimalismandy warhol andy warhols self ...

Coke in a glass bottle that you brought back to the store to get money back.we were thrilled when we got to town and got a bottle of soda pop


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Frog cake made with fondant.

Frog cake made with fondant.