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Black Bear Pass - Telluride, Colorado. Before it was widened by a couple inches! Eeeeek!!!

Black Bear Pass, Colorado a notorious jeep trail that starts from summit of Red Mountain Pass on U. Highway 550 to Telluride, Colorado Yikes I went over Black Bear when I was young and foolish.

Mud bog! Honda civic...

Now this is just retarded, from The Red Green Show lol Laugh of the Day: Canadian Human-Machine Interaction

Мужское мнение (@foregoru) | Твиттер

What zombie apocalypse. Custom plate steel body panels and bumper. Self healing tire sidewalls. Off road perfection.

All Terrain Light Strike Vehicles. Tactical buggy.

These Trucks Are Just What You Need to Get Out Quick (22 Photos)

Nature-Inspired Innovation: 9 Examples of Biomimicry in Action ...

Zombie proof airless tires automobile car tirs for zombie apocalypse, Wow! 100 amazing new tires, Developed for the military by Resilient Tech. www ford gt forum.