Gil Rimmer

Gil Rimmer-I love the great exaggerated sense of perspective on this, and the high contrast between light and dark, sunshine and shadow. It's almost like you can feel a temperature difference.

Paul Tsui

First Thought - I like this image as it shows the view from inside a location. This could work really well in a back drop for example being inside of a volcano crater etc.

The Art Of Animation, Cory Loftis

I'm a visual development artist at Walt Disney Animation Studios. This is work done off the clock. All work © Cory Loftis

by FeiGiap

Discover the colorful art of Chong FeiGiap, a Malaysian artist, co-founder of Running Snail Studio.

The Art Of Animation, Gediminas Pranckevicius

Gediminas via The Art of Animation.was scrolling through anime city scenes and stumbled upon this owl city album art for the midsummer station.