temporary kitty tattoos, for cat ladies everywhere

temporary tattoos - set of three fake cat tatts - to choose from - realistic tattoos - mix and match - cattoos. via Etsy. I want real tats of these though!

Tiny, Tiny Kitties - thinking of this tiny tattoo.. or something like it for me.

38 Weird Or Wonderful Cat Tatts

cute tattoo Tiny, Tiny Kitties tattoo 50 Incredible Tattoos Inspired By Books If anyone says something about tattoos not being art and just .


I definitely want a small black cat tat one day for my Marcy. Probably on my back/shoulder

maru358:  Anja Konstantinova

I love it when they make good use of a cat in a fashion editorial. Also, new tattoo idea perhaps? Anja Konstantinova shot by Darren McDonald for Style Stalker.

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I would get an outline similar to this for my cousin who died of Leukemia. He wanted a pink cat and unfortunately neve got one. My family has begun a tradition of pink cat tattoos infor his memory

Floral cat tattoo by Carin Silver

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I'd like this in white ink, on my back, upper shoulder blade.Floral cat tattoo by Carin Silver