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Bojnice #Castle, Slovakia - rated as one of the 25 most beautiful castles in Europe  It is one of the most visited medieval Romantic castles in Slovakia. Gothic and Renaissance elements. Bojnice Castle was first mentioned in written records in 1113.

Bojnice Slovakia - rated as one of the 25 most beautiful castles in Europe It is one of the most visited medieval Romantic castles in Slovakia. Gothic and Renaissance elements. Bojnice Castle was first mentioned in written records in

Bijnice Castle in Slovakia.  Doesn't it look like it came straight from a fairytale?

Bojnice Castle, located in Bojnice, Slovakia, built in the C.

Windsor Castle  //  The largest inhabited castle in the world.

Windsor Castle - lucky the Queen wasn't 'home' and was able to tour entire castle and grounds

allthingseurope: Abbaye de Beauport, France (by octopuzz)

Abbaye De Beauport - Paimpol - Côtes-d'Armor - Brittany, France - founded 1202 - Gothic architecture - declined after 1750 - destroyed by revolutionaries - closed 1790

Slovakia generally escapes attention but with these top places to visit you won't need any other reasons to book your flight and go to Slovakia right away!

Slovakia generally escapes attention but with these top places to visit you…

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Bratislava Castle, Slovakia Miss watching fireworks at one of the coolest places I've ever been to.

Notre Dame, Paris, France

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Medieval EuropeThe Middle Ages: - Full of Stories, Glories & Gorey Truth…Our culture is still influenced by the tumult experienced by that age of plague and pageantry; Kings, Knights and Knaves.

wander the quaint streets of bruges, belgium


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