Lockheed Martin F-35A Performs First Night Flight

Lockheed Martin Lightning II first night flight over Edwards Air Force Base, California, January, 2012

♂ Futuristic Design - AvA 02 R.E.D. Serafim by Timon Sager

Concept:The design and development of a jet for private use. A new luxury pastime is to be created. "Sunday aviation": the fulfillment of humankind's great desire to fly at any moment, making it possible to reach unimaginable heights and all the places y…

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Random Inspiration 120

“The Lockheed Blackbird was so fast it could out-fly its cannon and literally "shoot itself down"

F-35 Lightninig

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My first drawings as a child involved jets, helicopters and lots of mechanical shite. As an adult my drawings look like jets, helicopters and lots of mechanical shite. This image makes me happy.

USAF Lockheed Martin F-35A Lightning II '12-5052'

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Ships by Alex Ichim

Ships by Alex Ichim

Discover a selection of artworks made by Alex Ichim, a Romanian artist working for Gameloft



Lockheed Blackbird: The fastest manned airplane ever built. It could fly from New York to London in under two hours at speeds up to Mach Painting by Dru Blair.

F-35B: US Marine Corps' Version of Lockheed-Martin's 'Lightning II'

The Lockheed Martin Lightning II is a family of single-seat, single-engine, all-weather stealth multirole fighters undergoing final development and testing by the United States. The fifth gene…