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Izanagi & Izanami

Kobayashi Izanami and izanagi. Kobayashi Eitaku painting showing the god Izanagi (right) and Izanami, a goddess of creation and death in Japanese mythology - Deity - Wikipedia

Japanese traditional mounting archery, Yabusame

Japanese traditional mounting archery, Yabusame 流鏑馬 v//// true visual of fierce

Absolutely NOT to be taken seriously.  A spoof on the annual Odin is Santa Claus (or on mushrooms) posts that show up.

Some people think that Christmas is a Christian holiday, but this shows pagan + the non- Christian background to Santa.

Raijin (雷神?) by Kawanabe Kyosai. Raijin is a god of lightning, thunder and storms in the Shinto religion and in Japanese mythology

"Raijin" (雷神) Raijin Is A God Of Lightning, Thunder, & Storms In The Shinto Religion & In Japanese Mythology.

Dalnim (달님) is the Korean goddess of the moon. She was originally a girl named Dalsun who climbed to heaven and became the moon. #myth

dalnim (달님) / korean goddess of the moon. originally a girl named dalsun who climbed to heaven and became the moon


amyipaguana: Chenrezig Mandala (Esoteric Black Thangka) In Christian culture, the Christos or Christ energy. Both symbolize the embodiment of Compassion # Thangka