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Mind-Boggling Anamorphic Drawings Leap Off the Page - My Modern Metropolis

Mind-Boggling Anamorphic Drawings Leap Off the Page

En Etkileyici 3D Kurşun Kalem Çizimleri - Ayrıntılı kalem çizimleri oluşturabilmek için perspektif ve 3D alanında gerçek bir ustalık gerekir. Bu ustalık elde edildiğinde ise sanatları tam anlamıyla yep yeni bir seviyeye ulaşır.

Incredible pencil drawings by talented Syrian artist Muhammad Ejleh look three-dimensional when viewed from a specific angle. Some of the pencil drawings were colored and combined with real world objects to further enhance the Illusion.


Art by Ben Heine. I would love to learn how to draw something like this! It's amazing how he made it look like the guy was actually sitting up shooting pictures.

Life-like drawings by Alessandro Diddi-Amazing Trick of the mind

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Drawn Or Real?

Drawings Realistic Illusions by Dutch Illustrator Ramon Bruin is a whole new level of hyperrealistic art. Ramon makes drawings using pencil and paper.

Amazing 3D Pencil Drawings Italian illustrator Alessandro Diddi erases the line between fiction and reality and makes his 3D drawings leap out of the sheet of paper. Description from pinterest.com. I searched for this on bing.com/images

does the art stop and reality start? Great integration of real life object and pencil drawing. You can’t even tell where the wire ends and the drawing starts.