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s1 gag buddies 1

Alex and Scott, live on KOLD NEWS 13 – September 2010

Alex O'Loughlin Hawaii Five-0. I love this BTS pic - s1 gag cargo laugh

s1 gag cargo laugh

Alex O'Loughlin Hawaii I love this BTS pic - gag cargo laugh

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Hawaii Five 0,  Danny Williams, Steve McGarrett, McDanno, 4.19,  I've seen everyone talking about this line, We all know the Amber/Melissa thing isn't going anywhere, When is he going to break up with that beard already?, I mean... that poor girl, But OBVIOUSLY Danny knows what a big deal it is to say ''I love you'', As evidenced in both of these scenes, Unfortunately for her, he already gave his away.

Hawaii Five Danny Williams, Steve McGarrett, McDanno, I've seen…