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Football is like life and I know life. Rush Limbaugh Inspirational Football Quotes Football is like life - it requires perseverance,.

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sports quote , Adriana Johnson " love hearing the heart and mind of an athlete for the intensity of a game gives an eye raise." Sometimes when people ask me why I push so hard when running cross country this quote comes to mind.


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Same goes with Abby Wambach. And Alex Morgan. And Tobin Heath. And Megan Rapinoe. And the entire womens national team. But it's not that secret

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I wish I could tell that to everyone who hates sports or more likely to the people who particularly hate soccer.

I like soccer but if you crossed out soccer and it would be clogging this would be 10 times cooler! I hate the girls in my school that try to play soccer and they think they know what they're doing im like Wth did you just doo?

gotta learn....Des-Chan ~ my second year coach she used to be a cheerleader coach she try to teach us this but she gave up!

Des-Chan ~ my second year coach she used to be a cheerleader coach she try to teach us this but she gave up!

Soccer- I LOVE playing. It distracts me from my problems and allows me to release my emotions. Even though I can't play right now, hopefully I'll be able to play by when the season begins or next season and I will come back stronger to catch up for the missed time (:

Soccer was my life I currently am unable to play for the time being cause I'm going on my fifth knee surgery but I will never give up not with this passion