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Mas cerca imposible... son todas lindas

Loads of Hymenoptera (bees/wasps/ants) are hard to identify, particularly the parasitoids, which tend to be near identical 'little black wasps'

Picture of a young honeybee emerging from its cell for the first time - Photographer Anand Varma

A new honeybee emerges from a brood cell. A new honeybee emerges from a brood cell. This image is composed of 23 digitally merged photographs. ALL PHOTOGRAPHS BY ANAND VARMA

Bumble Bees are too cute! Definitely the cutest of the bees.

English Bumble Bee ~ Bees are actually pretty gentle, and much like little flying fuzz balls. This makes me want to cuddle a bumble bee!

Bombus auricomas

Os 25 Melhores Closes Em Olhos De Abelhas Que Você Vai Ver

Up close and personal the Bumble bee Face - Introducing Bombus auricomus from Baltimore

HowStuffWorks to show my 5 year old son. Want to start beekeeping with him within the next 2 years.

How Bees Work

A great picture depicting the anatomy of a bee mouth. How Bees Work.

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The turbinate eyes of male mayfly magnified 10 times. Image made by Laurie Knight of Tonbridge, Kent, UK.

Pollinators in Peril - The new analysis, Pollinators in Peril: A systematic status review of North American and Hawaiian native bees, revealed that more than 700 species are in trouble from a range of serious threats, including severe habitat loss and escalating pesticide use.

Pollinators in Peril - Landmark Report: Hundreds of Native Bee Species Sliding Toward Extinction