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Amid GOP jeers from Washington, U.S. diplomats seek progress toward a climate deal

Amid GOP jeers from Washington, U.S. diplomats seek progress toward a climate deal

officials cite progress at Paris climate talks while acknowledging "sharp" differences over treaty costs.

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Bill Nye calls out republican climate change deniers: "Billions in damage in Texas and Oklahoma. STILL no weathercaster may utter the phrase CLIMATE CHANGE.

republicans are disgusting

The Senate voted Thursday to roll back the Stream Protection Rule, an Obama administration regulation aimed at curbing waste from coal mines from entering waterways but that Republicans complained was an onerous job killer in coal country.

Cold winter weather? Bring on the snow-trolls.  Tired of this shit.......warming causes the bad winter weather you idiots

God DAMMIT, people, do we have to do this every year? Rain, snow, wind happening right now equals weather. Weather over a 30 year period equals climate. Climate change is based on scientific observations. Propaganda still equals bullshit.

Dali Lama Endorses Pope Francis's Encyclical on Climate Change

'Religious leaders have a duty to speak out about climate change': The Dalai Lama speaks at Glastonbury - video

Global warming exists...deny all you want to, it doesn't change the truth!

How to Freecycle and Repurpose Tutorials

John Oliver is a stud. Sharp, articulate, funny, but also very knowledgeable and fact based.

Emissions are down, but an even trickier climate problem than coal has emerged.

A Final Report Card on Obama's Energy Economy

cool Energy-Related U. Carbon Emissions Fell During Obama's Last Year