Shoe Design by Fashionary  Best tracing experience for designers  With all the templates in the Shoe Design Book, drawing shoes in different angles becomes easy and smooth.

New released SHOE DESIGN by Fashionary - The Most Practical Shoe Encyclopedia! Differential from ordinary shoe design books, the SHOE DESIGN in pink cover features the construction layers of an oxford.

Fashion Sketchbook - footwear drawings; shoe illustrations; fashion portfolio // Sara Jaramillo


sheet specification - Google-søk

X Games presents Alphonzo Rawls: Covers and concepts: Spec sheet: Circa Unim - Photo by Rawls

Fashion Sketchbook - footwear design drawings, colours & fabrics; fashion portfolio // Yu Jung Lee


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This heel reminds me of a flower bud just as it blossoms. There is a lot of interest in the bend of the toe.

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Get ideas about Fashion Templates in Illustrator on Prestige Pro Design. Buy the best fashion templates & flats Sketches online for Men, Women and Kids.

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