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I recall many times when I was overwhelmed, it was in those moments The Lord spoke to me and His message to me was to: " BE STILL" - just two words And in doing so, I stayed strong Knowing that God was with me, Everywhere, from the start of each new day to the end. "BE STILL"

but in white ink! "Be Still And Know". A gentle reminder that He is God and to rest in that knowledge even in the tough times of life. I love this - maybe in red ink as a reminder that He shed His blood so I CAN be still and know Him.

I love this "Faith, Hope & Love" design. Would love this as a tattoo or a charm on my bracelet. by hannahmnt

I love the design more as a tatto then a key chain, almost exactly what I want on my wrist! But it's got to be SUPER special & my wrist tatto will most likely be my last :)

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Paw print! I want something like this it's so simple but it holds a lot of meaning behind it

The Paw Print Tattoo with Heart. perfect for my dog Peyton, rest her poor puppy soul. ~ loved that dog so much I want this for my brother that just passed

music tattoo  so simple but i love it soo much

music tattoo so simple but i love it soo much. especially on the inside of the wrist

love themed tattoo

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This is my favorite Harry Potter Tattoo so far.I highly doubt I would get a HP tattoo, but it's still really cool!

I want a Music tattoo. Possible idea?!

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