I'm not a fan of snakes but this one is beautiful. (I know they have a purpose, they just scare me) Reptiles; sub order Serpentes - Pastel Albino Snake

Green Tree Python color mutation. So pretty!

Large, thick pythons are considered a nanny pet to Aerisians - the snakes are kept as protective pets for young children.

4 Morphs of Ball Python: "Purple Passion/Phantom Mojave/Phantom Potion (top left), Lesser or Butter Pastel (top right), Cinnamon or Black Pastel Albino (bottom right) and a Mojave or Mystic (bottom right)", best guesses by @Katia Grondin

They all look like mojave mo rphs.mystic potion, unknown, lavender albino mojave, and possibly black potion(mohagany/mojave)?