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Daniel Richter - Horde (2007) ___ Städel Museum ___ Eine Gruppe von gewaltbereiten Gestalten baut sich überlebensgroß vor uns auf und nimmt uns ins Visier. Als Betrachter stehen wir dort, wo der potenzielle Gegner stehen könnte. Richter zeigt bleiche, knochige Fratzen. Die Intensität des Bildes liegt in seiner offenen Konzeption. Wenn abstrakte Form zum Objekt der Bedrohung wird.

A group of figures prepared for violence tower up larger than life and fix their gazes on us. As viewers we are standing where the potential opponent might stand.

Why Does It Matter If Homo sapiens Had Sex With Neanderthals?  [I'm too tired to read this at the moment. It's late and I just got done with some late-night writing for work. It's my theory that my blood is derived from neanderthal/homo sapien sex. That's why my blood kills babies and stuff. Just a theory.]

Why Does It Matter If Homo sapiens Had Sex With Neanderthals?

This is arguably the most famous cave painting in the world. It’s sometimes called the Chinese Horse, largely because it resembles some Sung dynasty watercolor paintings.

ALQUIMIA VERDADERA: En todos los matraces vemos el FUEGO SECRETO colocado debajo de ellos. Toda la Gran Obra se hace por medio de este Fuego, al cual debemos buscar, orando y laborando, hasta encontrarlo. Porque si lo encuentras, puedes hacer tu propia PIEDRA FILOSOFAL. AV

Des illustrations de manuscrits d'alchimie

Appears to depict the process of the Earth creating dew, then going through the cooking stages to become Ormus gold, or the "elixir of life" / Alchemy / Embodied


Name 4 Surrealist Artist and a picture of each of their work.

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georg flegel - Google Search