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I mean my gosh...how does anybody live in this world being so incredibly effing stupid? I wish there was a nice way to say it, but there's not. They're just straight up senile. How do you say "who are we to judge white supremacist"? I mean really??? Have they been THAT freaking brain washed?

* * RED TUFTED SQUIRREL:-- "Callz me cray-zee, but der be somethin' terriblys wrong with deez woods and allz de humans startin' to invades, bustin' up meez privacy.

This is my everyday.

When we discuss sea ice here at NWF, we’re usually talking about polar bears. But this month, the annual loss of sea ice in the Arctic is affecting another marine …

Oh wie süß<3<3<3ja mein Hase<3<3<3kuschel dich ganz lieb an mich und fühle dich wohl bei mir<3<3<3sei ganz nah bei mir mein Engel<3<3<3ich bin schon müde und hätte dich so gerne hier bei mir<3<3<3mit unter meiner Decke<3<3<3ich möchte in deinen Armen einschlafen<3<3<3ich liebe dich mein Engel<3<3<3ich wünsche dir eine gute Nacht und süße Träume<3<3<3gib niemals auf und halte an unserer wundervollen Liebe fest<3<3<3halte dich an mir fest<3<3<3einen lieben Gute-Nacht-Kuss für dich…

Congratulations to our winner Kim Olson for this beautiful capture of Noel and Mwali! It is proudly displayed on our website homepage! Submit your CARE photos on the homepage of our.

For the first drawing contest our topic will be... your favorite animal!! Post your drawing with your choice of description. Happy drawing! .:This contest runs through the month of July:.

I'm infamous for my ferocity, AND I have my notoriety to maintain! You are wrecking it! Everybody will think I'm an overgrown pussy-cat!

Esposos amen a sus esposas esposas amen a sus maridos y obedezcanlos en lo que es justo para que les valla bien en la vida pruebenlo y verán los resultados

* * " Ya know Lionel, yer de only one fur me." LIONEL: " Ya know Leslie, yer de only one cuz right nowz, yer de only one.