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The fact that Miranda gave Taylor a shout out on her new album is so amazing. Shows what kind of person she is

Miranda Lambert talking about Taylor Swift's Red album

NEVER FORGET THE ESSENCE OF YOUR SPARKLE!!!!! Just like she told Phineas and Ferb! Hehe

Little Taylor Swift things! ♥ Never forget the essence of your sparkle.

She got her revenge!!! Wow I never knew Joe wrote that in a song>:/ he got what he deserved

Taylor swift teaches you how to take revenge on these dudes

This is truly one of the most accurate things I have ever seen. XD

True Swifties will get this

Thank you!!

You tell em Taylor

She is just the cutest thing I’ve ever seen

Everyone deals with stuff in their own way- Taylor Swift writes songs!

" see it comes with a little phone, so he can break up with other dolls" (grabs taylor doll) " Stay away from him"

"See, it comes with a little phone, so he can break up with other dolls." (grabs taylor doll) "Stay away from him"

Little Taylor Swift things

Little Taylor Swift Things

love her

Taylor's favorite moments❤ Buying my cat 🐱

Taylor Swift Shake It Off

She wears short skirts, I wear t-shirts, she's cheer caption and I'm on the bleachers.

I love how Taylor just has her own little world and she gets so excited about everything! #itsaswiftiething #Taylorswift #swiftie

Little Taylor Swift things. At gillette stadium.

ANG PROUD OF IT!!! <3 #swiftie #TaylorSwift

Once the new kid at my school took notice of my red tour shirt, and said, oh so you like Taylor Swift? And everyone within 10 feet of us said, what the heck you really are new here yeah she loves Taylor Swift. Like, LOOOVES Taylor Swift.

There you go, haters :P And yeah the total awards are 781

this goes out to all the taylor haters!

Don't you ever call this number again, or I'll punch my fist through you face . " it,it was really effective. " LOLLOLLOL

LOL XD Taylor Swift is my favorite person ever!

Little Taylor Swift Things

Little Taylor Swift things! ♥ Grey's Anatomy.