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Macrame Double+Vertical Half stitch - Ecocrafta

Making This Pattern make you know the difference of Double half hitch and Vertical half hitch. You can use This pattern to make a f.

Macrame School - YouTube

How to make a really cool Double Zig-zag or crisscross/crossing Zigzag macrame bracelet with beads :) This bracelet looks very interesting and it's not hard .

Macrame pattern tutorial

This alternating Square Knots pattern are commonly seen in Macrame projects, so practice this several times.

free macrame tutorial and pattern

This bracelet is easy to make but take times to finish because I use a cotton thread as a working cord, cotton thread is very small eve.

macrame tutorial... Ma, stop repining stuff on my account! And at least pin try to  them on the right board.

Diagonal Double Half Hitch - The Diagonal Double Half Hitch is tied in exactly the same way as the Horizontal Double Half Hitch, except that you hold the carrier cord at a diagonal as you tie the knots.