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Run down bus stops were transformed into classic movie theaters, equipped with the red curtains, comfortable movie theater seats & a flat screen that was showing movie trailers, all in order to promote the Adelaide Movie Festival.

Great bus-stop ads. I'd particularly enjoy the swing....

Most bus stops are… less than stellar. Unfortunately, the only way most bus stops generate excitement is through advertiser-driven guerilla marketing.

Neighbourhood Dance Works: Valentine’s Burlesque

Neighbourhood Dance Works: Valentine’s Burlesque


33 abris bus super créatifs qui rendent l’attente beaucoup plus agréable

I love intelligent advertising. We know it works well for weak minds because we have Democrats.

30 Creative Examples of Ambient Advertising by Denver Water Guerrilla Marketing Photo

30 Creative Examples of Ambient Advertising by Denver Water

Keep our rivers flowing. Denver Water Supermarket Conveyor Belt Ad by Sukle Advertising & Design

Strawberry Fields Central Park

Creative Strawberry Fields promotion for John Lennon exhibit at Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Die-cut strawberry invites were planted in Central Park, NY to be picked up by passers by.

Un arrêt de bus, normalement c'est moche. Un gros truc en plastique sur lequel est assis un petit vieux qui peste parce que les bus sont toujours à l'heure et que du temps du Maréchal, c'était autre c

Top 57 des publicités d’arrêt de bus originales et surprenantes

Nice Audi 2017: Mercedes vs Bmw vs Audi: Which ads are more creative?...  Car ads Check more at http://carsboard.pro/2017/2017/04/12/audi-2017-mercedes-vs-bmw-vs-audi-which-ads-are-more-creative-car-ads-2/

Smart Car: The invisible Poster.The poster is cut into strips and placed on the side railings of a fence. While viewing the fence from the front, you see nothing. When viewing the fence from an angle, you see the poster of the Smart Car.

Creative bus stop advertisements | Creative Criminals

McDonalds Bus Stop Advertisement McDonalds logo is everywhere,the food is great but very un healthy.