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Tropical hobbies is mean all hobbies related with tropical areas around the world of keeping and breeding creatures , activities and conservation

stolon in drilled hole

How to Plant Epiphytes in a Vivarium

How to Plant Epiphytes in a Vivarium - Helping you connect with nature

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HYGROLON growth fabric!  This is GREAT! i NEED THIS to build the vivarium! Background, everything! Epiweb

A very fast, cheap and easy way of making backgrounds and modules for terrariums, paludariums, greeen walls and vivariums. More info about Hygrolon at epiweb.

My terrarium plants

Discover how to make a terrarium paludarium vivarium for reptiles, dart frogs, lizards and learn terrarium basics.

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terrascape by GreenDeep Have you ever heard before about Terrascaping? This is the new frontier in Paludariums and Ripariums. There are incredible things out there… check it out here. I want this aquarium

plantas acuaticas premium  en maceta mas de 50 especies

plantas acuaticas premium en maceta mas de 50 especies


In tide pool aquariums, the aquatic ecosystem primarily acts as a complement to…