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i love when my parents say no boys, it just makes me want to say,"so i cant have friends over?" i say that because none of them are girls, they are either theys or hims.

OK, maybe it wasn't all so bad:

My sister (one of the few peoples I've come out to) is jealous of the fact that me and my girlfriend can do whatever we want without parental restrictions. Like, have her in my room and stuff XD

Hilarious Texts About Ex vs. Bad Boys

Hilarious Texts About Ex vs. Bad Boys<<<Shoutout to the girls who played along

So I heard you like bad boys... it's funnier because I read it with heavy sarcasm in each response hahaha

Funny pictures about Heard you like bad boys. Oh, and cool pics about Heard you like bad boys. Also, Heard you like bad boys.

Funny tumblr post

Tumblr Tuesday 10-6

imagine you get your leg amputated. it's been a day or so and you're in recovery. the surgeons come in and say, very embarrassed, 'we amputated the wrong leg.

Wow I guess everybody is bad cause mostly everybody does this

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