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Men With Tattoos and Cigar

Dunno Who this guys is but he worthy of this board!

My rockabilly and/or greaser guy one day 😍😍😍

i'll take one of him, please.

Dapper I Tattoo I Denim Craze. The straight line classic hairstyle is beautiful.

I'll sail away with you.

Some guys with tattoos are preeeeetty attractive.

Badass Body Art Editorials

Badass Body Art Editorials

Glorious Bastards Papercut Magazine - Daniel Bamdad, Jake Hold, Jimmy Q and a slew of other inked models show off their badass body art in the ‘Glorious Papercut M.


Tattoo guys generation: Daniel Bamdad, Ricki Hall, Lawson Rhys Taylor and Dawid Auguscik.

Sleeve Tattoo Men 27

30 Best Sleeve Tattoo Ideas For Men

Vest, Tie, Beard and Tattoos ink


Street Style on Via Piranesi, Milan, Photo: Scott Shuman / The Sartorialist

dearrrr god, please send me a boy JUST like this one so I can marry him, preferably with a harley or an old school impala, thanks

Jimmy Q Traditional greaser rolled pompadour, dyed ink black. High maintenance with all the pomade required, but very sexy.

follow blvckw0lf

follow blvckw0lf

Rick Genest well know as Zombie Boy


The rockabilly styles have quickly become a very popular men's hairstyle trend. The style includes the pomp and the slicked back greaser look.

LOVE LO:VE L:O:V:E this hair style on men (minus the facial hair of course)

I want one of those cute relationships when I'm older where we both love the Outsiders and we can be greasers :)

awesome Tattoo Trends - 100 Tree Of Life Tattoo Designs For Men - Manly Ink Ideas...

Tattoo Trends – 100 Tree Of Life Tattoo Designs For Men – Manly Ink Ideas…

awesome Tattoo Trends - 100 Tree Of Life Tattoo Designs For Men - Manly Ink Ideas.

You are a tattoo artist who has the ability to give people powers from the tattoos you give, by using special ink.

" A young girl plops into the chair." I smile and grab the fire power ink out to do her Phoenix tattoo <<<When she grows up she will become a firemage overlord to fight in the end by giving herself tattoos

10 Latest and Popular Arm Tattoos For Men

Tattoo Trends – Forrest with a Compass Tattoo Design for Men.