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Best Ghost Pictures Ever Taken: Madonna of Bachelor's Grove

Fascinating Photos That Will Convince You Ghosts Exist

Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery: Chicago, Illinois. This small cemetery in a forest on the outskirts of Chicago has earned a reputation as the most haunted graveyard in the United States,

.i dont creep out easily, but, this is creepy !!!

Sleep Paralysis - In Mexico, it is believed that this is caused by the spirit of a dead person. This ghost lies down upon the body of the sleeper, rendering him unable to move. People refer to this as "Subirse el Muerto" (dead person on you)

This photograph was taken by Chad Zumwalt who is the lead investigator of N.W.P.H. Northwest Phantom Hunters. It was taken in 2007 in Underwood Washington.

Pinner says:This photograph appeared in both the Chicago Sun-Times and the National Examiner. It was taken during a paranormal investigation in Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery on August

Caergwrle Bridge Ghost  Members of the Cheshire Paranormal Society took this fantastic picture on Packhorse Bridge, Caergwrle, Wales.  Although this was just a random shot, orbs had been captured by the group already and several members felt uneasy at the time. It's believed a number of ghosts haunt this bridge possibly in connection with a former burial ground nearby, for which the bridge was the entrance.  Very spooky

The Oak Grove bridge is haunted by the ghost of a woman whose husband threw her off the bridge in the killing her. Legend even says that if you stop your car on the bridge at night, it won't start again.

For many years, ghost hunters have been fascinated by tales of the lost village of Dudleytown --- a vanished Connecticut village that was apparently plagued by ghosts, demons and residents who vanished without a trace. These grave events were said to be caused by a curse, brought by the Dudley family to the New World. But how real was this curse?  As

THE CURSE OF DUDLEYTOWN - 'curse' or a run of bad luck - the fascinating history of a lost early American town. More of a testament to the severity of life/death at the time.

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“My brother took this picture when I was in grade and squatting this was the result…The ghost returned and kicked his bum-arse out of the house!

A ghost attends a wedding and was caught on film in The Wedding. #Ghost #Hauntings

A ghost attends a wedding and was caught on film in The Wedding.

This remarkable photo, taken at the New Bell Inn pub in Harwich Essex, England in October of 2010, may be the clearest "capture" of a ghost ever! The woman in the fireplace was not seen when the photo was snapped, and a closer examination shows brickwork in the fireplace being evident through her face, suggesting a degree of transparency. What's especially interesting about the photo is the way the figure is dressed; she appears to be wearing clothing consistent with what a pub maiden…

aken at the New Bell Inn pub in Harwich Essex, England, this photo reportedly shows the ghost of an old woman sitting near the fireplace. According to the original submitter, the men in the pic did not notice the woman at the time of the photograph.

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picture taken leaving Devils Den in Gettysburg. No one was there at the time the picture taken. The photographer was snapping pictures in hopes of catching something on film.

Ghost in the Corner! This photo of a ghost in the corner is hard to explain away.  Some of the curtain and valance shadow could have caused the body, but how do we explain the head and hands?

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