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Beautiful Golden colored Palomino horse in the snow. Pretty as can be!

Hope was out with her brother from the CB herd when she got curious and wandered off. Lost, she walked right into Orsorises herd, having no idea where she was

Lovely horse with proud stance.

"Canadian horse stallion, Quatre G Beauty Wild H Aragorn" by Carolle Beaudry.

Updated picture of Estrella. She is a wild buckskin mustang. She has one foal, Courage.  Hope is also like a daughter to her. She is a LEAD MARE. She has never let a man break her. She is together with Roary. Stallions everywhere dream of catching this young beauty. She is the promise of hope the the herd.

This is Estrella. The leader of the Wild Mountain Herd. She is smart, Beautiful, Strong and a fierce competitor. She is Mates with Roary. She is a natural born leader.

pretty-natural-my fav

Beautiful horse with a unique white sandy color and dark mane. Love the bridle.

Part Arab, exhibiting coat color not found in purebreds appaloosa arabian cross - Google Search

Part-Arabians may have coat colors not found in purebred Arabians, such as this bay champagne. Fun fact: pure Arabians do not carry the cream gene

love comes in all sizes

All of our horses were trained (by my husband) to sit like a dog . it's awesome.this is not my husband or my horse!

La Creación de Dios en fotografías.: PORTE

La Creación de Dios en fotografías.: PORTE