El arte bordado de Julie Sarloutte.                                     — JULIE SARLOUTTE


Nastya Klimova & Liza Smirnova

Embroidery As Art: Lisa Smirnova + OMUT

moshita: “ OMUT naive capsule collection “ Nastya Klimova & Liza Smirnova are the two designers behind this beautiful hand crafted capsule collection for OMUT, that features embroidered anatomical.

Process Photos of Julie Sarlouttes Embroidered Self Portrait

Process Photos of Julie Sarloutte's Embroidered Self-Portrait

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Alt. Photography: Stitched Portraits

this has used stitch to enphasize wrinks in the face which links to getting older and closer the the end of your life.

Embroidery artist: Danielle Clough

I always stumble over my words when I answer the typical so what do you do? I’m passionate about film photography, and I work as a VJ (which means I do visuals for music shows, and not what you think.