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can i please just find my own Mr. Darcy? oh wait... he is only there for me in books... *sigh*

Pride and Prejudice.this line always makes my heart skip its little beat.The second best quote from the movie.

austenite prayer. “

The Austenite Prayer: Lord, grant me the good sense of Elinor, the patience of Anne, and the wit of Elizabeth. But mostly, please grant Mr Darcy.

Pride and prejudice quote.  They make it sound so positive.

She had a lively, playful disposition which delighted in anything ridiculous//Jane Austen// Pride and Prejudice

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Even though this line isn't in the actual book I love it. If you love the book pride and prejudice you can't c. compare it to the movie simply because they area so different, but the movie still has its own moments

Sort of a quote from "Pride and Prejudice" and I am literally dying of laughter

Thank goodness for Friday

"It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in need of a wife." -Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice Completely out of context but.Someone springs to mind.

HAHAH! SOOOO TRUE! If any guys are actually smart, they'd watch Pride and Prejudice. So what it's a chic flick? If they act like Mr. Darcy they'd have a hard time NOT getting a girl. duh. not rocket science.

I blame Mr. Darcy for my high expectations of men.Yeah, thanks a lot, Miss Austen! as you can tell I just finished reading my favorite book and I'm still going through book withdrawal.