Nash and Hayes!! This is one of the reasons why I love Nash and Hayes sooo much!!

Nash and Hayes! This is one of the reasons why I love Nash and Hayes sooo…

I've said püma so many times that when I say puma I end up saying püma and it takes me like 5 times until I get it right.

Comment if you get it, wanna know who the real Magcon girls are?

FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER I GOT AARON CARPENTER WOWWOWO history being made my friends @theycallmesuruh

CARTER YAY (I would have been fine with either one of them I love these boys way too much)


I just realised he's friends with Grayson Dolan and his nephew is called Greyson?

Repin if you're a true fan

Well i hate carter but love to boys so<<<<<HOW DARE YOU? All of them deserve our respect and love just the same! Carter is Just as important as the Jacks, Nash, and Cam! If you don't love all of them then you're not a true fan -Sophie


me too u know I just realized Matt and I both hv the same things in common regarding the magcon boys we both hv an obsession with Shawn and call Cam our bb and prob

Read "Just One Beat (Nash Grier fanfic) & (MAGCON) - I Still Care" #wattpad #romance #nash grier PLEASE READ!!!!!! THANKS

Just One Beat (Nash Grier fanfic) & (MAGCON) - Chapter 8: I Still Care