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There are many definitions for respect when you add understanding and love.

Everything Love (The Good Vibe)

I'm so blessed that you're all three! Refreshed, Renewed and covered in His blood....make these so much more attractive.

An entry from viva la vida

I have an intelligent handsome gentleman and I love him with all my heart and soul

Love is when you sit beside someone doing nothing yet you feel happy love love quotes quotes quote happy tumblr love images love sayings

Love Is When You Sit Beside Someone Doing Nothing Yet You Feel Perfectly Happy?ref=pinp nn Love is when you sit beside someone doing nothing yet you feel perfectly happy.

A relationship can only work...

So true.A relationship can only work between two people who are totally present and dedicated to one another, despite any outward distractions or internal problems. You're either in it together, or you're not in it at all.

I want to sleep with you *

I want to sleep with you. I don't mean sex. just sleepy, blissfully happy, silence.

The amazing curveball life can surprise you with sometimes!!!

It's so amazing when someone comes to your life and you expect nothing out of it but suddenly there right in front of you is everything you ever need. I thought that this had happened.

I love my fiancé

25 Sweet Things to say to your Girlfriend Before i met you, i never knew what it was like to be able to look at someone and smile for no reason.

I trusted. He knew cheating would destroy me. Did it twice anyway. And called it love? I Was destroyed. But I still love. Too bad he doesn't know what love is

Love is giving someone the power to destroy you.but trusting them not to. But then you did destroy me & broke my heart. Goodbye to love & trust!

Love those moments

The best portion of your life will be the small, nameless moments you spend smiling with someone who matters to you. and how much you matter.


love is someone showing you beauty in things you hadn't noticed before. things in yourself mostly.

this is only the truth

I miss you quotes. Missing someone is one of the most hurting feeling in life . I miss you . I miss you quotes.I miss you quotes.

Timing is everything... More nuggets of wisdom can be found at:  www.PositiveOutlooksBlog.com

So true! - "I've lost people and found them again. The second time around, things just made more sense. Honestly, timing has a lot to do with everything. Sometimes, you aren't ready for each other yet.


I cannot say my relationship ever sucks but I know there will come a day when it will feel that way and I stick it out no matter what

5 Secrets of a Happy Marriage | Marriage, 15 Years and Happy Marriage via Relatably.com

True Love stands by each others side on good days and stands even closer on bad days. If not, it's not real love