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One of the greatest selfies

And this is one of the reasons I love elephants! They are just so caring.

So there's this elephant. ( and this is why all the ivory whores on earth should burn in hell )

La connerie du vendredi aime les animaux, tous les animaux, même ceux qui s'incrustent sur des photos pour les pourrir sauvagement. Les chats sont comme toujours les spécialistes en la matière, mais q

Top 40 des photobombs animaliers, le grand concours des espèces qui s’incrustent

The 15 Greatest Animal Photobombs of All Time - Happy Hippo Photobomb

Mother and Child by Takeshi Marumoto

Guilty Dogs Confessing For Their Crimes

32 Hilarious Dog Shaming Photos - Look at that smile, he looks so proud!

selfies engracadas com animais (5)

Selfies engraçadas com animais: este homem domina a arte

Animal Whisperer Allan Dixon Shows Us How To Take Amazing Wildlife Selfies

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Check out this funny meme!Hilarious meme from the house of funny

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tigers are awesome

21 Facts About Tigers That Show Their True Colors

Tigers' feeding habits compared to lions.

40 Funny Pictures For Today

20 Funny Pictures For Today Cats with licenses don't appreciate back seat drivers. Better just shut up.


Seal seals - the common name of two families of mammals - pinnipeds. Seals called the representatives of the families sevusevu, or eared seals or true seals

Psalms 73:28

Psalms 73:28


Pet photos on Ellen - This one is titled "Booney loves cuddles" LOL!

uhmm...I'm not sure what's he doing...)))

40 most awkward dog photos - This dog who forgot what was real and what was fake.

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Dating sites are really creepy sometimes. The 17 Creepiest Dogs You Meet On OkCupid

This series of intimate photographs of Neil the lion carries a chilling backstory that should remind us all that, no matter how much we might love them or feel close to them, we will never truly understand the mind of a wild animal.

This Family Lived With A Real Lion Back In 1971

In the actress and model Tippi Hedren (mother of actress Melanie Griffith) created the Shambala Preserve after producing the film Roar. The preserve rescued exotic big cats living in captivity that had been abused or were in need of help, .