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Best workouts + fastest results ever. Most workouts are 12 min long....I think I will be trying this...looks amazing

Bodybuilding & Fitness ~ 90 Days to #fitness

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Si quieres activar tu metabolismo, sigue esta tabla de tonificación muscular. 5 minutos de entrenamiento coherente para activar tu metabolismo,

Get rid of love handles and work inner thighs. No yoga block, but Ive got a swim buoy I can do the same thing with.

Flat Abs Fast: The Core-Strengthening Workout

Kettlebell is prob the best thing out there. Works everything at once! 22 Awesome KettleBell Workouts

22 Kettlebell Exercise: Kettlebell Workouts For Women

Firm Your Butt in 6 Moves

Para tonificar gluteos! Trabajo con balón suizo/rehabilitación/fitnnes. Haz 4 circuitos de 20 y sigue subiendo las repeticiones todas las semanas de 20 en 20 ;D