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Send them out.

Fractional Sloop is Best. Everyone knows that.

capngrimbeard: You can nerestudy th’ riggin’ o’ ship classes. Knowin’ ‘t can be th’ difference between livin’ wi’ booty an’ bunkin’ in Davy Jone`s Locker!

. waves hitting, ocean waves , water flows..and wnd that blows against my body will lead me to him ...

Etoile du Roy is a replica of a three-masted 1780 Royal Navy Frigate complete with cannons which was the type of ship which took part in the notorius Battle of Trafalgar.

"Amerigo Vespucci" Sklep.marynistyka.org: Żeglarski Kompas lub Busola z mosiądzu w dawnym, marynistycznym stylu, piękny mosiężny Sekstant kapitański, dawna Luneta żeglarska, kapitańska z mosiądzu, Dzwon żeglarski, pokładowy, mosiężna lampa żeglarska, drewniane Koło sterowe, drewniany model sławnego jachtu i żaglowca, morski Telegraf Maszynowy, mosiężny żeglarski Zegar Słoneczny z kompasem - dekoracje marynistyczne, prezenty dla Żeglarzy, marynistyczne wystrój wnętrz - Marynistyka.pl

Italian tall sailing ship Amerigo Vespucci - Beautiful amongst the beautiful

tall ship under sails

Captain's Cene's ship, The Hell Hole (Or The Gates of Hell. Or something along those lines) just like otp ships, a hell hole

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"BELEM" Three Masted French Barque) Launched 10 June 1896 The Ship was Originally Launched to Carry Chocolate From Brazil to France. Was Fully Restored in 1979 and is Used as a Sail Training Ship

An 18th-Century Sailing Ship. The Lady Washington.

An Sailing Ship. The Lady Washington (Washington's State Ship) - once was able to participate in a 'cannon battle' on board this beautiful ship.


HMS Endeavour or HM Bark Endeavour; Launched Lt James Cook expedition to Australia and New Zealand 1769 - 1771