I haven't done any crochet in a little while, but then the other day I suddenly got The Urge. Do you ever get that? Must. Crochet. Now. As s...

beautiful granny square -- someday i will have a whole blanket made out of you. Love these colors :)

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very crochet geek chic! I've finished my granny square scarf and I love it! Which is fortunate really, don't you think.

Twelve Block Granny Square Blanket

Twelve Block Granny Square Blanket (Cozy Things)

A lovely granny blanket by Cozy Things. Twelve twenty-round granny squares made one gorgeous blanket. No pattern (the classic granny is free at tons of sites - just to inspire). Note: just to ogle lol xox

Magia do Crochet: Julho 2011

Magia do Crochet: Julho 2011


Framed Quilt Squares

Granny Squares: A Few Good Squares - Martha Stewart Crafts Explains hook size and thread type