Here for your browsing pleasure is a grand photo of an Indian Tepee Camp. It was made in South Dakota in 1908 by Edward S. Curtis.    The illustration documents Four canvas covered Tepees with Assiniboine women and children seated on ground.    We have compiled this collection of photos mainly to serve as a vital educational resource. Contact    Image ID# 42B2FF08

An Assiniboine Camp, South Dakota. Photo by Edward S. Curtis, The photo documents four canvas covered tipis with women and children seated on ground.

Menominee Wisconsin

There’s no date or postmark on this old postcard which shows a Native American woman with her baby in a beautiful cradleboard

navajo traditional homes the Hogan

Navajo Land and People

Inside Native American Hogan The navajo <b>indian hogan</b>: shelter and center of their world <b></b>

navajo indian resevation in arizona | Navajo Shepherdess Girls in Winter

Navajo Shepherdess Girls in Winter Date: Places: Monument Valley (Ariz. and Utah) Navajo Indian Reservation