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How do you store your yarn without going crazy?

15 Brilliant Ways To Store Yarn Without A Struggle

I've been crocheting a lot more lately, and since I'm making a blanket with six skeins of yarn, I needed something to hold them in. They sel...

Chatter Box Jenn: Yarn Holder DIY - directions for adding gromets to a reusable container yo make a yarn caddy.

Dollar Bin Yarn "Bowls" | Vickie Howell

Dollar Bin Yarn "Bowls"

easy yarn storage for the classroom (so you don't end up with a big tangled mess)

DIY yarn machine in preschool

This is a simple way I use for children to get their own yarn and to help keep the yarn organized in the process…. I call this my yarn machine. It is very basic – you just drop a ball of yarn (make sure it is a ball) in a tissue box then thread one end …

43 Ways to Keep Your Yarn Tangle Free | Do you have any other suggestions to add?

43 Ways to Keep Your Yarn Tangle Free

Tired of your yarn getting tangled all the time? Here are 43 ways to keep your yarn tangle free.

DIY Yarn Holder / Dispenser via Repurposed Coffee Creamer Tub

DIY Yarn Holder / Dispenser via Repurposed Coffee Creamer Tub - maybe my tub not big enough but this didn't work so well. Looked great but too right of a squeeze for a skein of yarn

Yarn Keepers

I learned quickly that yarn needs to be kept out of Boots’ reach. I bought several Chica yarn keepers.

Would you like sugar with your WIP or just yarn? Check out other storage ideas from The Yarn Box

Organize Sewing Supplies - Unwind yarn or ribbon with ease by stashing the rolls in an empty sugar dispenser and threading the ends through the hole in the lid.


Add 8 new colors to your yarn stash without the guilt! These miniature skeins of yarn are perfect for small projects or a craft requiring multiple colors such as amigurumi, colorwork, embroidery, and embellishments.

Organize your yarn projects

If your project uses a lot of different colors, you may want to consider a larger container with multiple holes for your yarn, such as these plastic storage bins. And as a bonus, it will make a really intricate cat-toy.