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She can make hell feel like home.

"She can make hell feel like home." One of his favorite songs for me is "They should have named you cocaine.

Well, I usually don't read my pills but whatev, I'll take em!

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I feel as if hell is right beneath my feet. I feel like if I go downstairs I would find a lake of fire.

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People should think long and hard before engaging me in a contest of wits or wills. I am relentless when I go to war. I don't stop until they are burned to the ground.

fuckyeahpaganism:Gemma Gary’s Seals of the Four Roads, via... | silverwitch | Bloglovin’

fuckyeahpaganism:Gemma Gary’s Seals of the Four Roads, via... (silverwitch)

ITS A LONG WAY DOWN (the best of southern gothic) “ If you get sleep or if you get none check the cupboard for your daddy’s gun the Lord’s gonna come for your first born son go to the river where.